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To Morgan: She Rests in Beauty

When you were just a little girl, I wrote this poem after walking in on you in the middle of the day asleep on your bedroom floor. The scene was one I’ll never forget. In that moment, I knew there could never be anything more beautiful to me than you, nothing I could possibly love more than you, nothing that could make my heart smile like you. Last night, when you came to visit and fell asleep on the couch, my mind rushed back twenty years, and I thought, “No, nothing much has changed.” You are still the most wonderful gift I have ever received, and there is nothing more peaceful, more fulfilling, than to rest my eyes upon you and realize just how blessed I am to have you. I love you and hope this day is as special as you are to all of us.

Morgan Sleeping

You lie there in a puddle of white
Sailing away, I know not where.
Are there apples and oceans
And clean bright light?
Beauty too much to bear?

You lie there in a puddle of white
Eyes unsquenched and peace in flow
And iced pearl cheeks melting in glow.
Sailing away, I know not where –
Beauty, too much to bear.

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