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Month: January 2011

A Tribute to My Sister

Today is my older sister’s birthday. As she will tell you, I enjoy pointing out that she is indeed the older one – if only by one year and twenty-three days – because I frequently get comments like, “Leigh Anne’s older?!?! I thought you were!” I tell myself the comments are just because I’m taller,… Read More ›

Mightier Than the Sword

Since the shootings in Arizona, everyone seems to be questioning whether words have consequences as if the brimming power of words is a brand new idea. Consider that no sword or gun initiated the American Revolution. Men like Thomas Paine and Samuel Adams ignited a fire for freedom in the breast of the colonists, not… Read More ›

Faith Matters: Tension

I received this video from a site I subscribe to and thought it might benefit anyone trying to lead young adults in church, school, or even at home. The thing that keeps striking me is that these students – actually, all of us I suppose – don’t seem to be seeking a faith that erases… Read More ›

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